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We Offer the Following Services

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Personal Tax Return & Planning

In Canada individual tax reporting is a must for every qualified taxpayer so tax planning is essential to you. Since Canadian taxation system is complicated and has a high tax rate, inadequate tax planning and missed deductions can be extremely costly, reducing your net income and thus your family wealth for years into the future. AMX is deeply experienced and highly committed to help you maximize your after-tax income as well as plan for the long term. We take a pro-active way to work with you throughout the whole year to ensure that we understand and satisfy your goals, and identify potential opportunities to reduce your tax burden. Common and various personal tax services we conduct:

  • Annual individual tax filing
  • Maximum qualified deduction 
  • Credit transfer among family member
  • Self-employed business income and rental income planning and reporting
  • Disposition of real estate properties
  • Utilization of capital gains exemption
  • Foreign assets and foreign affiliate reporting
  • Voluntary Disclosure
  • Non-resident taxations

Business Consulting & Advisory 

As accounting and tax advisors, we could view your business and offer our suggestion based on our experience and expertise gained from many years of business consulting in Canada. In addition, we could provide consulting & advisory services from your business star up to grow up and even to your business expansions and reorganization. We assure that we will bring new ideas to your table and build on your success. we could provide the following services:

  • Business start up consulting services
  • Corporation registration services
  • Risk management consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Share transfer services
  • Corporation dissolution services
  • Corporation name/address change


New Immigrant Tax Planning

With more than 10 years experiences and hundreds and thousands real cases in new immigrant tax planning and wealth management field, we believe that we can help new immigrants to settle down in Canada more smoothly and confidently. As a professional account firm, we offer a broad wide service to new immigrants:

  • How to report foreign income
  • How to report T1135 Foreign assets verification statement
  • How to report T1134 information return relating to foreign affiliates
  • How to determine your residency status
  • How to withdraw money from foreign affiliates without trigger tax payment
  • How to transfer unreported assets to Canada
  • How to prepare for CRS (Common reporting standard)
  • How to allocate your assets in Canada to achieve highest after-tax return
  • How to set up a trust to realize income splitting and control the assets


Corporate Tax Return & Planning

Through our yearly experience working with hundreds of clients in a variety of industries, we deeply understand the significance of planning ahead and we are experienced to avoid potentially damaging losses due to high taxation. By integrating your business strategy and current situation, AMX could help you develop a comprehensive long-term tax strategy and thus minimize your overall tax burden. Our experienced tax experts take both innovative and proven tax strategies to ensure our clients would take advantage of all taxation incentives and deduction available. Our corporation taxation service and plannings includes:

  • Paying out bonus or dividends
  • Corporation tax and HST instalments
  • Timely payroll remittances
  • The use of holding company
  • Timely filing corporation tax and HST return
  • Capital dividend election
  • Income splitting among family members
  • T3, T4 and T5 planning
  • Tax free rollover of assets into a corporation
  •  Non-profit corporation tax filing

Corporate Accounting Services

At AMX, we clearly know the needs of small businesses and understand that to operate efficiently and facilitate growth, you need an access to current accounting information at a moment’s notice. As a full service accounting firm, you can count on us to manage your operations, such as the current status of your receivables and payables, which invoices should be paid to take advantage of discount terms, and which customers must be reminded that their accounts are overdue to ensure your cash flow is maintained.  it is our priority to provide our clients with the services that they expect to ensure their continued growth and success. We offer the following accounting services:

  • Full-cycle bookkeeping and bank reconciliation
  • Year-end adjusting
  • Financial reporting (Monthly, Quarterly and annually)
  • Speical purpose reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Internal control analysis
  • Monthly payroll deductions
  • WSIB Reporting
  • Calculation and filing of T4, T4A, T4 summary and T4A summary


CRA Taxation Auditing Assistance

In Canada, A request from CRA to audit or review your taxation records is part of the income tax reporting system and it can happen at any time. Every taxpayer should be prepared. As a qualified professional, we help every client to file his/her return correctly and accurately and thus lower the chance of being audited. If our clients are selected to be audited by CRA, we could be your representative to represent you to negotiate with CRA through the whole auditing process, making sure that your rights under Income Tax Act are protected.