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Our family’s tax case is more complex, including working income, self-employed income, and housing rental income. Carol calculated and reviewed all expense items to decide which expenses are deductible and what are amounts. I can clearly feel that she is helping us - not earning quick money.
— Mrs. Zhu, Investing immigrant from Shanghai

We could not speak English very well when we first came to Canada and were very confused about Canadian taxation system. Fortunately, Mrs. Zhu solved many of my doubts and helped us to plan and manage our overseas assets, yet she only charges basic fees. I think she is very dedicated.
— Mr. Wu, from Oakville

I think Carol is an honest person and she never pretends to know everything. If I ask her a question that she does not know the answer, she will not avoid the question or make up an answer to me. She always does the search or discuss with me until we get a correct answer.
— Mrs. Yuan, IT Professional

Over the past few years, AMX always patiently and sincerely provides the most professional taxation services to me. We do not worry too much about our company’s accounting and taxation, and we trust AMX.
— Mrs. Su, from Mississauga

Miss Zhu not only helped me with our company’s bookkeeping and taxation but also suggests us to cut some unnecessary expenses, thus saving us more than a thousand dollar each year. AMX provides over-value accounting service.
— Mrs. Cao, from Mississauga